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 Marvel has a new Black female character (!!!!). But, there’s good news and bad news.
You have the good.  The bad is her creator is as white as the paper she’s drawn on.
So we can see her, but can we believe her. #AuthenticCharacters


The good news: In the Iron Man comic-book series, Tony Stark will be handing off his baton to Riri Williams, a badass, ‘fro-and-hoops-donning 15-year-old genius who will take the story to new heights — quite literally. In the story, the super-smart teen heads to MIT early, where she creates a gravity-defying suit from her dorm room that’s so powerful, it catches Stark’s attention in a big way.


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JPG x AbFab

Jean Paul Gaultier to make silver screen debut in Ab Fab


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January 25, 2016 · 11:28 am

Her Name Is LOLA!

She was a showgirl.  I can’t say if Barry is sing her praises, but I am. LOLA FALANA Loletha Elayne born September 11, 1942 in Camden, New Jersey.  A jersy girl is a singer, dancer, and actress and an Afro-American Icon.


lola-falana-1973-mondadori-portfolio6f3f2dbf1029a43dbc08eee491caa56359ae61ae01081c88d8c576f21cf104cblola3 lola5Falana01

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Lil’ Old People

Photographer Zachary Scott makes children look as though they’re advanced in age for the New York Times Magazine.







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HA HA Couture! Gotta Love LUCY!

#TBT Classic Fashion moment “I Love Lucy” and her Jacques Marcel


While in Paris, Lucy decides she must have a ‘Jacques Marcel’ dress. Ricky refuses, of course, and Lucy goes on a hunger strike to get her way. He eventually discovers it’s not real and to get even with a fake “Jacques Marcel” dress made from a potato sack. Of course Fred gets one for Ethel too.
Click to Watch the Episode!

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Desire of your Heart, Dreams, Discipline, & Doctrine


Some of the most powerful and inspirational words to be spoken.
” I pray that you all put your shoes way under the bed at night. So that in the morning you have to get on your knee to find them, and while your down there Thank GOD for grace and mercy.”


June 6, 2014 · 4:54 am

Back 2 Back Black!

Regardless of how you feel about The KKK family (Kanye, Kim,& Knorth) being featured in Vogue with Kimye on the cover. I am glad to see that an Afro-American has consecutively been featured on the cover of something other than the usual suspects.


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