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Laces & Lipsticks/ Reebok & Face


Reebok have always looked after the fairer sex with their sneaker output, and they continue their streak of quality women’s releases with this new Classic Leather pack. Channeling the colours of FACE Stockholm’s makeup range, the soothing colourways work brilliantly with elegant outfits as well as basic ensembles. They’re understated, not a glaring announcement of …



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Naturally Fashionable

If you haven’t seen it yet,…. I’m not surprised. That’s another topic. If you are one of the few that got the latest issue of W, you got a treat. The Best of Fall 2015 fashion spread, shot Emma Summerton features all of the trends for this season. Among-st all the fabulous frocks, the flawless faces there was one thing that made it all seem fresh and new “The Fro”. Not the 70’s Fashion afro accessory to a headband and belly bottoms. This Fro,  simple and modern and brilliant in its own natural way.

emma-summerton-collections-4-1542x1011 emma-summerton-collections-7 emma-summerton-collections-8 emma-summerton-collections-9 emma-summerton-collections-12emma-summerton-collections-15 emma-summerton-collections-13-1542x1008 emma-summerton-collections-11

Best of Fall 2015, Emma Summerton – The Best Trends of the Fall 2015 Collections | W Magazine.

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Valley of the DOLL

Roberto Cavalli featuring Nicki Minaj. Yes, and I am taking creative licences with my phrasing. When I heard the multi-personality, Multi-platinum artist Nicki Minaj is model for the Roberto Cavalli Spring campiagn. I was honestly hoping “RC” was Cash Money Records next one hit wonder wing-man. This collection with it’s maxi silhouettes, bold prints, and crochet lace has a circa late 60’s, early 70’s feel. It is as exciting as the first time we saw them, but even sexier. Who knew this Lalaloosy harajuku character in these clothes could make me want a remake of the classic, Valley of the Dolls. Nicki Minaj reprising the coveted role of Nellie O’Hara. I must say; I am AMAZED. There is still only one plastic princess black or white, and she made by Mattel. So for now, I guess the second self proclaimed black Barbie prefer Cavalli over Bulgari.





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Egoiste, the first love.

images (2)
In 1990, Chanel introduced Egoiste with one of the most memorable commercial ever. After all the screaming, this fragrance had successfully branded my heart. After just 1 bottles, it was over leaving me to play the jilted lover. Chanel so selfishly pulled the fragrance from most major markets after just a few years. They tried to warn me, EGOISTE translated means self-serving, and selfish.

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HA HA Couture! Gotta Love LUCY!

#TBT Classic Fashion moment “I Love Lucy” and her Jacques Marcel


While in Paris, Lucy decides she must have a ‘Jacques Marcel’ dress. Ricky refuses, of course, and Lucy goes on a hunger strike to get her way. He eventually discovers it’s not real and to get even with a fake “Jacques Marcel” dress made from a potato sack. Of course Fred gets one for Ethel too.
Click to Watch the Episode!

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Naomi Campbell is Beats’ Golden Girl,

Gifts 24KT Gold Headphones to Team Germany for their win!

Naomi Campbell is Beats’ Golden Girl, Gifts 24KT Gold Headphones to Team Germany.

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